Our team specializes in identifying the most appropriates candidates against the specific human resources requirements of the clients.

  • Understand client requirements, expectation, and business profile and industries portfolio.
  • Conduct preliminary search to identifying potential candidates.
  • Shortlist appropriate suitable candidates and brief them about the job profile and the employer company.
  • Screen the interested candidates based on detailed assessment (through emails and /or telephonic discussion and /or personal meetings depending upon seniority and urgency of staffing requirements and client instructions).
  • Furnish the resumes and other requisite details of the shortlist candidates to the client.
  • Facilitate and coordinate the meetings between the client and candidates.
  • Carry out referral checks wherever required by the client.
  • Wherever needed, assist in working out compensation package in respect of selected candidate(s) and follow up for joining schedule.

Features of Innovations Head Hunting Service:

  • Minimum time for forwarding candidate’s resumes for shortlisting is 48 hours.
  • Your requirement to be forwarded to us as order in writing
  • Any candidate referred by us , if employed by the company with in a period of one year, it will be charged on the basis of the above terms & conditions.
  • We provide three months replacement service where the candidate quits on his own.

Service Policy :

We believe in five determinants of service quality:

  • Reliability  :  The ability to perform the promised service dependably and accurately.
  • Responsiveness  :  The willingness to help customers and to provide prompt service.
  • Assurance  :  The knowledge and courtesy of employees and their ability to convey trust and confidence.
  • Empathy  :  The provision of caring, individualized attention to customers.
  • Tangibles  :  The appearance of physical facilities, equipment, personal and communication materials.

Financial Aspect:

  • For National Recruitment
  • Lower and Middle level charges is 8.33% of the Annual Cost to Company Salary.
  • Upper level charges are 12.5% of the Annual Cost to Company Salary.
  • Asst. Vice President and above level charges is 16% of the Annual Cost to Company Salary.
  • For International Recruitment
  • Lower and Middle level charges is 17% of the annual gross salary.
  • Upper level charges is charges is 21.5% of the annual gross salary.
  • Service Tax as applicable at the time of billing would be levied extra in all cases
  • We charge 15% extra for head hunting subject to mutual understanding.
  • Payment time is within one month from the date of joining of candidate