Our Foundation

IHHS commenced its operations in the year of 2008. It was a humble beginning with Three Team
Members operating form a 50 sq ft office starting with executive search assignments only.
Over a period of last 11 years consecutive years, IHHS has evolved itself as an organization
providing several value added services to the industry focusing.
Our perception is to place “Right Person For The Right Position” We therefore closely scrutinize all the aspect of the perspective candidates including academic, job knowledge and experience without exception to the personality, aptitude , adaptability and professionalism etc., besides the environment and culture in which he is brought up .

Service Policy

We believe in five determinants of service quality:
(a) Reliability : The ability to perform the promised service dependably and accurately.
(b) Responsiveness : The willingness to help customers and to provide prompt service.
(c) Assurance : The knowledge and courtesy of employees and their ability to convey trust and
(d) Empathy : The provision of caring, individualized attention to customers.
(e) Tangibles : The appearance of physical facilities, equipment, personal and communication

Meet the Team

Detail of key members in IHHS

Parveen Kumar



Deepika Dua

Executive Business Development